Age requirements:
Must be 15+ with permission from a legal guardian!! If you are 18+, I will still require photo proof of I.D.
I will require photo proof of I.D. from either you or your legal guardian, and I will require that legal guardians of under-aged commissioners fill out my permission form.

I only accept payment plans for commissions over $100. Orders under $100 will be expected to be paid in full upfront. The length of the payment plan will be discussed and determined when I give you an official quote. Shipment will not be made until 100% of the commission has been payed off. 
Worst case scenario: If you fail to pay off your suit in it's entirety (i.e. you stop contacting me or sending any payments for over 4-5 months), I will finish what I can and sell it to someone who actually wants to pay for it, with no refund to you! I severely doubt this well ever happen, and I implore you to keep my hopes up!

Refund policy:
I am unable to make any refunds after I have purchased supplies. If for any reason you feel you need a refund, please contact me before doing anything else (i.e. contacting PayPal). Thank you!!!
Seller responsibility: 
I am responsible for any craftsmanship problems the suit arrives with (ex: popped seams) and will repair them free of charge for up to two weeks after box opening. Customer must do a full examination of suit within this warranty period in order to get free service.  Customer pays shipping to seller and seller pays shipping back to customer. Shipping time is not included in the two warranty week period!

Buyer responsibility:
Buyer is responsible for all sizing mistakes, as I rely on the measurements provided by the customer.
Buyer is responsible for understanding that fursuits can be uncomfortable and difficult to wear (ex: vision less than normal vision, hot, claustrophobic, harder to breathe). I am not responsible for any injuries that may occur during wear.
Buyer is responsible for any damage done to the suit that does not occur within the two week warranty period.

*By commissioning me and signing the warranty agreement that you will receive with your suit, you agree to these terms. *
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